TECHART is the international premium individualization brand for any Porsche model. Driven by the highest demands on design excellence, high technology development competence and our responsible attitude towards emotion and reason.

TECHART is an internationally registered car manufacturer, and all genuine TECHART products are the result of the high standards that go with it. Our core principle: original equipment quality. Visible and invisible.

Styling & Performance

TECHART personalization programs are available for any Porsche model. The wide range includes TECHART powerkits, exhaust systems and suspension upgrades to add superior driving performance and a spectacular soundscape. TECHART bodykits, carbon fiber parts and individual styling options make your Porsche one of a kind.  And give you peace of mind at the same time.


Genuine TECHART wheels embody sustained stability, light weight, consistent design and inimitable style, perfectly made for your Porsche model. And no matter which design of TECHART’s renowned Formula wheel range you prefer for your Porsche, all of them can be personalized in individually matched colors.

Bespoke Interiors

TECHART handcrafted interiors and steering wheels are world-renowned for their extraordinary level of quality and accuracy. This applies to the careful choice of select materials, the tasteful orchestration of colors as well as our sense of design and the unmatched precision and craftsmanship of the TECHART leathershop. You will be able to feel this diligence and effort immediately.

Service & Maintenance

We help you to keep your vehicle in mint condition, to increase the longevity and to maintain the value of your Porsche. With great attention to detail and in OE quality you can see and feel. Such as neatening the typical traces of use, no matter if it’s wear and tear or damage. And no matter how many miles and years you have enjoyed with your car so far.





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